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EVOLUTIONS -  A Land Art Project


River Po Delta Natural Park (Italy)

28 June - 18 October 2020

7 site specific land-art installations

PieghevoleMostraAlbarella_2020 (1)-1.jpg

"According to Harvard’s great evolutionist and entomologist, Edward O. Wilson, this "biophilia" is an essential need of every human being and when severed it can actually cause serious physical and mental disorders. There are countless examples and also philosophers who have shown that damage and misfortunes have led us to the idea of ​​human separation from nature. Vera and Roberto’s art and their evolutions are above all a precious contribution to cultivate our biophilia."

Prof. Telmo Pievani

Biology Department - Padua University


We studied a site specific art-walk among the trees, lakes and humid areas of the island in order to offer an experience where our artworks are ethically put on dialogue with nature and could possibly give a contribution to the climate changes discussion which is the core theme of our work.

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