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Story of an Oak ©

This oak has been uprooted in the summer of 2017 on the Adriatic coast by a violent storm. It has been chosen to be a monument for the entire island and the loss of its 6000 trees. We built a bed to host the oak.

Oak Weight: 1000 kg; bed weight 17000 kg; bed sizes: mt 7,5 x 1,5 , 1,8. Iron.  Copyright Officinadïdue 2020

For Virgil the first human beings had been originated from an oak, a symbol of royalty, solidity and eternity and precisely for this reason it also inspires a sense of humility and submission.

This cork oak was not chosen randomly.

It is the most revered of trees: it can live even a millennium and, like the divine material of the creation myths, its products have represented the raw material of every human creation. Its fruits potentially contain all the robustness and longevity of the plant but only one acorn out of ten thousand actually becomes a tree.

Our acorn began its journey about half a century ago. But in August 2017 a storm eradicated it.

This cork becomes a warning of the fragility of the natural world but above all, it reminds us of the duty as Humanity to protect and love it. This is manifested in the careful care of those who know how to consider an old trunk destined for pulping as an emblem of renewal, a resurrection, a transcendence.

A bed, like a cradle, given its intimate and personal nature, is a place that refers to a concept of protection and closure, where you can retreat to private feelings and thoughts.

"In the rituals of sleep and wakefulness or abandonment at night, we can experience a ritual journey of consciousness in vulnerability but also in its being able to renew itself with the light of dawn. "

Symbols and rituals have the precise task of leading us through insecurities, before any new venture.

 © 2020 by Officinadïdue