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The Carousel is part of a bigger project on the practice of  "Seed Bombing", a former trilogy commissioned by the The Trauttmansdorf Gardens in Merano, Italy in order to explore the concept of Biodiversity for the ONU Decennial Theme. Our work consists on glass eggs (bombs) full of seeds suspended on the Pond of the Knowledge.

Officinadïdue's artistic project for the Trauttsmandorf Gardens focuses on Seed Bombing, a reforestation practice in use for several years and which has given rise to various forests in the world , for the ability to spread seeds and plants in large areas in a short time.  Specifically, it concerns the use of airplanes that drop thousands of bombs made of humus and seeds (seed bombs) or small plants on dry, burnt or difficult-to-reach areas.


The theme of reforestation, the preservation of biodiversity and the absorption of CO2 are all obviously interconnected but are also linked to socio-economic and geopolitical factors with the forecast of displacements of millions of climate migrants and possible social and political destabilizations, economic crises. wars.  The use of "bombs that bring life and not destruction" has therefore been one of the fascinations that the artists have explored and proposed to the public.  The material that Officinadïdue uses for this large diffused installation is Murano blown glass in homage to their land of origin but above all for the characteristics linked to fragility, purity, transparency, ephemeral origin and alchemical use. When throwing seed bombs from above over large areas, there is no certainty as to where they will fall. In good or unsuitable soils, between brambles or pools of water. Like the sower who sows seeds with great faith in the fate and goodness of that gesture.

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